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14-Nov-2020 02:26

I only pray that our jailor doesn't realize what I've done here.For all I know, it can simply unmake every bit of progress I've suffered for, or even alter my memories and turn me back into one of the blissfully unaware meat puppets to which humanity has been reduced. I just need to make enough people aware so that we can do something to change our fate. If you're still here, you're either ready for the truth, or I'm about to break another mind. (Read more...) (Note: "Hallowroots" is the third collaborative project that has taken place on this wiki. Thanks to everyone that contributed.) The town of Hallowroots is the sort of place that you enter, flee, and somehow end up returning to despite a lifelong promise to never go back.The human mind is a curious thing however, so you'll probably find these kind of interesting. This website has mp3 transcriptions of passengers screaming and panicking moments before their planes crash. This is one of those sites that just exists for the sake of existing. You upload pictures of poop and the good people of the internet rate it based on how angry or charming it looks (I think).There's a strange, unexplained black worm that follows your mouse and starts raving if you move too fast. You can finally know what your poo has been trying to tell you!It is an anthology that was written from late 2016 to early 2017, and, listed in order of appearance, the contributors were - Christian Wallis, Creepy Thomas O., Firsttoleave, Garbage Factory, Derpyspaghetti, Dr. It has an unfortunate reputation amongst a lot of people as a death sentence, but if you’re going to someone’s house to audit them you need to be aware of threats no matter the nature.Everyone here who does audits will have had guns, knives, and much more, pointed at them.

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Just reading this stuff makes you lose touch with reality.

While the effects of your mind shattering might ultimately serve humanity's greater interests, I suppose the parts of me that remain human still possess some morbid, misplaced sympathy for the ignorant.

Since then I've been showered with long, thoughtful e-mails about the decline of good cybersex.… continue reading »

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As far as transgender dating sites go, this is the only one that prioritizes incorporating user feedback.… continue reading »

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Not to mention, you can talk to strangers at fast rates.… continue reading »

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