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23-Nov-2020 23:36

Com alguns drivers ODBC, executar uma stored procedure complexa pode falhar com um erro semelhante a este: "Cannot open a cursor on a stored procedure that has anything other than a single select statement in it". Também, alguns drivers não suportam o parâmetro opcional row_number em Under Windows odbc_connect (and PDO ODBC) apparently uses the Windows locale to handle input and output from e.g. This causes lots of headaches if one is using other than ASCII characters.

Work-round solutions like utf8_encode and mb_convert both fails.

There are lots of posts saying use systems not files, but none (that I have seen) which explain why.

Essentially: File DSNs are specific to the current user, therefore the Internet Guest User Account doesn't have rights to them. Regards Osiris :) We've tried hard to connect from php to our IBM DB2 RS/6000 Server.

I wrote a script using the PHP5 CLI binary that monitors a directory for changes, then updates a Network Server SQL Anywhere 8 database when a change was detected.

Idealy, my program would run indefinately, and issue odbc_connect()/odbc_close() when appropriate.

current recordset does not support updating this may be-62

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The resource is no longer usable after the odbc_close() is issued, but as far as the server is concerned, there is still a connection present.

I started looking al around and looks like the ODBC driver has some severe problems:1.

It cannot access a Access database via a mapped drive.

- After that you can connect using:$conn = odbc_connect('your-dsn-name','',''); hope that makes someone happy :)bye As always Microsoft is clueless...

I've been trying to connect to an Access database on a W2K on the network (not a local file, but mapped on the V: drive), via ODBC.

However, it seems that once connected, your odbc session is limited to 30 seconds of active time, after which, the connection becomes stale, and no further queries can be executed.