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Her albums have sold over thirty million around the world. Melissa Arnette Elliot born on 1 July 1997 in Portsmouth, Virginia to mother Patricia, a power-company dispatcher, and father Ronnie, a former U. Both Missy and her mother were abused by her father so they decided to leave home and stayed at a family member's home.

She was also molested by a cousin when she was eight. In 1990 Missy graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School in Portsmouth, Virginia.

She went through treatment and now her condition is stabilized.

Hip-hop, a genre which bloomed out of a counter narrative in response to a system whose hands were wrapped tightly around the necks of its people, is one of counter culture's greatest byproducts.

Women who have helped develop the art form and shape cultural legacies that outwear the test of time and collectively make up what can be thought of as a Mount Rushmore of G. From the early pioneers in the '70s who combined elements of Blaxploitation to speak on socially conscious themes to the sample-happy boom bap drum and snare of the '80s, all the way up to the hardcore rawness of the '90s and over-the-top bling era of the early 2000's, all of these women have been instrumental in building and contributing to the cultural and musical foundation brick by brick, even when they were being underestimated, undermined or erased.

While icons like Lil' Kim have elevated the fashion, style and culture of women who look like myself and girls in my neighborhood to an enormous global audience — including the colored wigs, bamboo earrings, acrylic nails down and vernacular, speech and lingo you see copied by influencers and It girls of all races — all of these women have shifted today's modern world in monumental ways.

She is doing pretty well with her wife now and the couple seems to be getting along pretty well. In 2011 Missy told that she took a break from her career as she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.

The Cookbook (2005) Record Sales= 0k Certified gold by RIAA 5. She is recently known to have been married to her longtime girlfriend after being lost forms the music industry recently.The multi-talented Missy Elliot has produced and wrote songs for many big names.The five-time Grammy Award winner has an estimated net worth of million.Missy formed an all-female R&B group, Fayze which later was renamed to Sista with friends La Shawn Shellman, Chonita Coleman, and Radiah Scott.

The group recruited Timothy Mosley a.k.a Timbaland as their producer who was Missy's neighbor.

Long before the term hip-hop was coined, it was happening.