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Nellie withdrew from the Quiz Bowl and Harper's team has to forfeit, which would lead to Justin's team winning.Alex learns that the opposing team was Justin and decides to replace Nellie.After she gives Nellie a hair-raising buzzing shock accident, Alex joins the Quiz Bowl, an academic game, with her best friend Harper.To give the team an edge in the Quiz Bowl Competition, she wears the "Smarty Pants," which gives a superior knowledge on everything there is to know.

“So here I am, making yet another attempt to express myself and leave a my creative mark in the world.” Thank you for your interest and support. Have you ever wondered what TV and movie actors do on their spare time?Max asks Zeke why is everyone queuing up at that particular water fountain.Zeke explains that the water from that water fountain is delicious.Choose from two tier or three tier, Natural Cedar or Mahogany stain, and flat back for mounting on the wall or a lip back style to fit snugly on countertops.

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The racks hold between 12-18 bottles of spices and range from an affordable .99-.99.Zeke then says that when they are done with the bottle they can fill it up with fountain water themselves. Alex puts on the smarty pants for the Quiz Bowl and Dean shows up at the gym. Justin asks Alex about how she studied but realizes that she was wearing smarty pants. Theresa also talks to Max about the dirty canary song he was writing.