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18-Sep-2019 14:20

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Adding a widget to a dashboard is as simple as click and drag.

However, before you can start adding widgets to dashboards, make sure you have a dashboard.

Warnings: We're going to be working with the inner code of the widget. 6) Control-click on the backup and select Show Package Contents.

It's very important to work only with a backup of the original file, and to read the instructions beforehand so you know what you're doing, and to be very precise. 😀 Preparing: 1) First, bring up the dashboard and close your stock widget. It's in your Home/Library/Preferences and is called widget-com.apple.widget.stocks.plist. 7) You'll see a few of the files that make up the widget's code. It should open up in the Dashboard and show your stocks! I'm not a programmer, but I've been doing small tweaks like this on my Mac since System 7.

That's why sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, because it depends on the network connection.

I modified the Widget code and now it seems to work always.

So I decided to try to find the original Yahoo Finance widget to reinstall, but instead I found an updated version at Martin Backschat’s Blog here: installed that Version 0.3.8, added my stocks (including indices and mutual funds) and everything is working fine again.This is about the fourth time this has happened -- I suspect a temporary outage at whatever location sends out the data both widgets use.Required security profile permissions: Any View permission in Real-Time Dashboard Widgets or Historical Dashboard Widgets.Your first post may take a while to show up, as it is moderated.

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If you are comfortable getting your hands a little dirty, you can fix this problem yourself manually using just the Finder and Text Edit.

Its configuration is not like what I have made; it does subscribe to other widgets but it does not have parameters like mine.