Dating a aquarius man

07-Oct-2020 16:27

An Aquarius woman seeks only excellence and dreams like it's nobody's business.

She knows all those dreams aren't going to come true, but that won't stop her from dreaming anyway.

An Aquarius woman is the perfect choice to fill the void in the Leo man's life.

Being opposites, they can complete with each other perfectly.

A Leo man in love understands love like no other zodiac sign.Being in a relationship with an Aquarian will force you to think differently.It's in Aquarian's nature to be erratic and resist the hive mind -- even the mind meld of a twosome -- so resting on faith that you're on the same wavelength with yours can lead to heartbreak.The compatibility of a Leo man and Aquarius woman is indeed very interesting, just for a good read even. The strong-headed Leo man, and the free-spirited Aquarius woman can have an absolutely bad relationship or, if they keep a few things in mind, one of the most beautiful relationships ever.

If you are a Leo man in love with an Aquarius woman, or vice versa, this Astrology Bay article is surely a must read for you! Leo and Aquarius are opposite zodiac signs, which means that they are exact opposites of each other in terms of their traits, characteristics, and personality.It's not care or concern, it's just passionate love for him. They aren't very humble to people around them, and dwell in self-pride.