Dating a band member rules adult singles dating lindsay nebraska

22-Dec-2019 09:17

He already has enough to deal with and needs you to just be chill.

You can best be that by making sure your own needs are met.

Given your status as girlfriend/wife/whatever of the band, fans will be bending your ear about how much they love your honey.

And they’re right, your honey is amazing, but right now you’d like a beer and a bite to eat with said honey, but there’s no way that’s going to happen.

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If you continue to read, please appreciate that this applies equally to girlfriends, lovers, or whatever name represents your partnership.

Part of what makes this challenging is that while they feel free to cut into whatever is going on with you and your guy, they aren’t actually interested in you. Being the object of such atttention is of course very flattering, so you’re dude will probably love this.

Not so much fun when you’re exhausted, schmoozed out and really just want to hang tight with the dude. Learn to accept it and learn to extract yourself, if possible, with a smile.

It comes back to taking care of yourself, then you can remain gracious and good-humored. It’s better to smile mysteriously and remain gracious as you dwell in the inner knowing of your fullness and talent.

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Don’t waste your energy getting mad, keep it for your creative pursuits, which are essential to having a strong, separate identity.You, on the other hand, are neither a band or audience member; you’re somewhere in between.

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