Dating a girl who rejected me

05-Aug-2020 13:19

We got together for lunch at the end of the semester. I (stupidly) tell her that I like her, she basically tells me that she wants to be friends for now.She tells me, I suggest getting drinks with her when shes out and she doesn't reply. We got together for lunch at the end of the semester. I (stupidly) tell her that I like her, she basically tells me that she wants to be friends for now.congrats for telling her you like her more as a friend, she told you where you both stand, now you move onto the next girl who will appreciate you more. Also provided that you don't have misconceptions that "one day she'll fall in love with me and we'll be more than friends." That's the hard part of course, avoiding the self-deception.I firmly believe I would have had a lot more success with women, and navigating life in general, had I adhered to a pattern of developing as many different social relationships as possible, and expanding my social network by multiple means.

Now it's summer vacation, and she texts me out of the blue.

At any rate, that's a long time to wait for a text from a girl who's showing little to no interest in you. Its one thing if she replied to your offers and said 'no'. Couple of days later I send a text, "Hey, when we going to hang out next? Few days later I get a text, "You wanna get lunch on Monday? So now we're getting lunch and I have no idea what's going on. Why would she want some dude who's into her to be her friend?

Does she expect me to pretend that I'm not into her or does she have other goals in mind?

In January of this year, she texted me randomly and we went out for lunch.

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However, when I tried to initiate texting conversations with her, she would be flakey or dodge me so I stopped putting effort.It is not necessary that she has some wrong intense for doing this. infact if you go along with pretending to be her friend then its a friendship built on lies, if you then at a later stage go "hey can we date now" no doubt she will get angry at you because she THOUGHT you were friends. she may then suggest another day, then you can be like, i have other plans. you be the one to decide if it OFF or ON or OFF or ON be the man Although in the past I would generally have agreed with everyone telling you to ditch her, my philosophy has changed somewhat--although since I've been married forever, it's not something I've ever really put into actual practice.

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