Dating a guild guitar

14-Nov-2020 14:26

Nonetheless, the charts below contain the best information we have on the approximate last serial numbers produced each year before 1960.There are no corresponding model names or numbers available.CITES (Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species) is a global organization that maintains the health of our plant’s species and ecosystems by regulating international trade of wildlife (both flora and fauna).As of January 2017, CITES determined that rosewood will be protected, requiring new certification for any product that contains rosewood.Our results are presented as a best effort to be correct and missing or incorrect dating information, application bugs, user data errors, etc. Visitors who use this website and rely on any information do so at their own risk.

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The proper CITES certification will be your responsibility and failure to comply may lead to forfeiture and sometimes destruction of the item.With a tight wood grain in-between ebony and rosewood, pau ferro is hard and slightly snappy like ebony while maintaining a nice level of warmth similar to rosewood.