Dating a guy with roommates

02-May-2020 06:21

We literally went from, "Oh, your hometown sounds chill," (a total lie, whatever) to, "Great, so since we have one room we're all expected to share, please keep all sex stuff relegated to the bathroom with a door that locks and maybe consider keeping it quick since surely one of us will have to pee at some point." We got real.And seriously, you must get real with your roommates about sex protocol, as soon as possible, so as not to immediately ostracize or otherwise piss each other off.First, you gotta get to know your roommates, at least a little bit.Then you have to stop being polite and start being real.For example, I have the loudest, most comically creaky bed known to man.I can be doing something very innocent such as reaching for a magazine or adding more soy sauce to the fried rice I am currently enjoying in bed (don't act like you don't know) and the frame screams as if I'm stabbing it.The following are some tips, tricks and tactics to having sex when you live with roommates. Do you honestly care if your roommate can hear you climaxing through the thin walls of your apartment?

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I’m assuming no, so keep the noise level down and make sure to tell your partner to do the same.

Pay special attention to her schedule so you know when it’s kosher to invite a guy home or spend some extra “snuggle” time with your beau.

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