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19-Jan-2020 15:08

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A sword depicted with a snake is said to symbolize fertility, while a sword with a dragon represents protection and good luck.

To soften the hardness of the sword, a Geisha can provide a delicate touch of beauty.

They quickly understood what we wanted to achieve and planned all the required steps and processes to get there.

Every detail was meticulously structured, thought out and documented.

From online dating, to learning tools for musicians; for web, smartphone and tablets.

We also like to build our own products and contribute quality code to open-source.

Especially in Japan, where the sword is considered the “soul of the samurai,” the combined power of forged steel and sheer human will has left man in awe for ages.

Considered one of the more civilized and elegant weapons of war, the sword has been respected for centuries around the world.We're Katana—a web development team with a reputation for empowering startups and small organisations.Our clients hire us to design and build websites and mobile apps that their customers love to use.The Tachi Meiji Samurai sword is a high quality replica reproduction of the original held in the Marto private collection that dates back to the Meiji age, starting with the imperial power restoration in 1868.

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The scabbard and the handgrip are made in ivory like resin, finely engraved with mythological scenes which mainly depict dragons.

As for Javier, she was charged with attempted murder and her bail is set at 0,000 (around P18.2 million). Even though Javier tried to kill him, Lovell said, "She called the authorities and saved my life, I hope that counts for something." He added, "It's a bit complicated.