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10-Dec-2019 21:12

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It has a number of rivers and lakes, but the most beautiful spot is the long Baltic Sea coastline. Even though the country is a member of European Union, it does not belong to the Euro zone and still has its own currency, known as the Zloty.

Here are the top five reasons to try Polish dating.

Having lived in Poland for 15 years now its quite evident that a lot of marriages between Poles and expats seem to nearly always be between a Polish woman and a foreign man, not the other way around. Why is it that it’s not so common to see a Polish man married to a foreign girl.

Sure it happens but nobody can argue that it’s not even close when it comes to the numbers. The excitement of being with somebody from another culture.

When they return home, for better or worse, they bring with them the cultural ideas and influences they have picked up abroad.

Poland is racing to modernize itself and change is in the air.

There’s also lots of interesting new vocabulary to learn, including the all important ‘Szczesliwych Walentynek’ on Valentine’s day.

Learn the basics and you’ll score brownie points galore; there are some cute nicknames too, for example, ‘kotku’ means kitten…ahh. Those Slavic genes will ensure the attraction factor stays in place long after you first start dating.

They are open-minded, intellectual individuals and make good companions too – they love to passionately discuss various topical issues and to debate artfully.

Like I said, these are all tongue in cheek reasons but some of them could have some truth in them.

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