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24-Oct-2019 09:46

South Carolina’s official snack food is also one of the most savory you’ll find.

And no worries if football isn’t your thing--USC has 19 top-notch varsity sports teams so there are ample opportunities to get into the Gamecocks spirit. Temperatures during the summer often climb up into the 90s and the 100s. This will come in handy when you prep for Columbia’s annual Mardi Gras festival.

The puppets have exaggerated, yet realistic, facial features, which leads to delightful and sometimes frightening performances. Because the building had deteriorated so much, members of the General Assembly decided to build a fireproof building next to the State House where official documents can be stored safely.

The theatre regularly puts on popular shows like “Little Red Riding Hood” and “Beauty and the Beast” and the tickets are so reasonably priced--? The Columbia Museum of Art can hold its own against much larger museums in far bigger cities.

Sure, technically, Charleston was the first state capital of South Carolina.

But that all changed in 1786, when the Assembly voted to move it to Columbia because of its centralized location.

From Monet and Jasper Johns to traveling exhibits featuring imperial porcelain from Japan, this top-notch museum always offers something interesting. Each year in the Five Points district, the city puts on an insanely elaborate homage to Irish culture that includes a parade, bagpipers, step dancers, a shag dance party and the opportunity to dye the area’s fountain green.