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08-Dec-2019 19:49

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Remove the finish with a brass stripping product if the object has a polished finish that has changed the metal’s color.

The properties of brass can result in a metal that is varying shades of brown, pink or yellow, but most aged brass and many polished brass pieces have a tendency to yellow.

Aside from abstract patterns, early candlesticks took on the shapes of humans and animals and are sought after by collectors today.

For example, dolphin candlesticks were produced in several colors in the mid-19th Century.

Another way to judge age could be by the weight of the candlestick.

Because most candlesticks produced before the 18th Century were made of solid brass, they were obviously quite heavy.

Then, following the turn of the century (the year 1800), new techniques were used that allowed the candlestick and its stem to be hollowed out, thus producing a much lighter product.

Remove encrustations by soaking the metal object in a solution of 5 to 10 percent citric acid.Question: We have an extensive collection of American candlesticks that must date back more than a few generations. Answer: Candlesticks are a popular, but sometimes an expensive, collectible.How difficult will they be to date for valuation purposes? So it’s understandable that candlestick collectors want to gather as much related information as possible to enhance resale value.Use caution when treating metals with any form of acid, which can damage the skin and other objects. degrees in English from the University of Georgia, and is currently completing her dissertation in Social Foundations of Education.

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Always wear rubber gloves when working with acid, and thoroughly clean up the area in which acid was used.

Much of what they used for candlesticks was imported, and brass appears to have been the most popular material among the early settlers.

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