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24-May-2020 01:12

You know, it's funny, he claims to be a Directioner. I wonder which One Direction member he fantasizes about? Do you have proof of anything you have posted in this thread?

No, R71, but at least with Tom Cruise, there's more evidence and people from his inner circle saying that he's straight.

They've been spending millions on surveillance and harassing him and his wife non-stop.

He's already spilled his guts about breaking up Tom's marriage to Nicole and turning the kids against her.

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People can say it about Travolta because he has been careless in his actions in public. They've already been going after him with the power of a multi-billion dollar organization!The Orioles game that APA is singing the National Anthem at tonight is the game that ESPN is broadcasting nationally. Ashley is so gay and it is SO incredibly obvious, that I literally would question someone's sanity if they thought this guy was straight! I wonder if Ashley is really doing this because he's a narcissist, or is it possible there's some greater plan and the naked photos are a strategy to get more followers. If I told you 15 years ago, there would be a place where you could post pictures of yourself in bed for virtual likes, you'd call me crazy. But he did acknowledge them in his latest Instagram message. Plus, when you see him moving around, you see how thick he is as opposed to slim. He also obviously knows girls aren't the only target audience and he has a big gay following.[quote]Do you think Ashley masturbates to his own photos? Still, there's a few random accounts you can find on the Internet of him hooking up with a guy in a hotel room or hitting on some girl's male friend.I don't know that they'll include his singing, but if they do, it should be at around PM Eastern with the game scheduled to start at 7 PM. But as I said, in that very divisive Speedo thread a couple of weeks ago, a gay man told ME that a gay man would never refer to a Speedo as a "banana Hammock." Until then I thought everyone used that term as a joke.[quote]How old do we think Ashley was when he first hooked up with a guy? Ashley Parker Angel performing the National Anthem at the Baltimore Orioles / New York Yankees Game Ashley Parker Angel performing the Star Spangled Banner before the Baltimore Orioles vs New York Yankees game at Oriole Park at Camden Yards on April 13, 201..happened to this guy? I mean OMG, I have never seen a more gay Instagram page in my life!! It must have been difficult for him to not include a shirtless selfie along with the statement of support. Don't get me wrong, he's not fat, I'm not saying he looks bad, I'm just noticing he's just really thick and muscular around his thighs and ass.[quote]What is up with that VPL that he's showing off? I know this is a joke, but obviously he thinks the bulge is attractive and enjoys showing it off. But then, people can make up BS and post it on the Internet.Seriously, who does he have taking some of these photos of him? He hasn't been notably involved with any female since he ended his engagement to his son's mother back in 2008.

My male friend hooked up with him in florida on a gay hookup site like 5-6 years ago and didn't even know who it was until he got to his hotel.You do realize that if he were to declare Crusie gay, they would go after him with the power of a multi-billion dollar organization.