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These regulations are set at the December Commission meeting.Electronic copies of these regulations are typically available the third week of December and printed copies are typically distributed starting the second week of January.Electronic copies are typically available the last week of August and printed copies are typically distributed starting the third week of September.Hunt Permit-Tag Application Form – Use this application for permit-tags issued through the lottery / drawing process and leftover permit-tag process.I don't know squat about Bear takedowns but do know a little about ILF.I believe you want to first pick a limb length suited for your draw length, short, medium or long.

Hunting Seasons Chart Year at a glance **For reference only, refer to the appropriate regulations for specific season dates, hunt type and open areas** Commission rules may be amended at any time and persons are responsible for complying with the current rules, which are available on the department’s Rulemaking page.Pick a length that allows you to fully work the limb but doesn't stack at your draw.