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03-May-2020 01:08

(I read somewhere that Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's vows mentioned something about "banana milkshakes forever." You can see how that one turned out.) So what if someone "gets" married, but in their hearts they aren't committed to those three essential elements?

What if they're standing on the altar saying the words, but inside they're thinking, "But we're really not going to have kids" or "If this doesn't work out, we can always get divorced and then I'll find someone else" or "Well, sure, you'll be my "? Or conversely, what if they're both committing to those three things, but one of them isn't psychologically healthy enough to sufficiently understand such a commitment?

And they were ready to talk away if the annulment was not granted.

They are separated and estranged, not happily married. I used the term “happily married”, but I was meaning to refer to any married couple, whether happily or unhappily married, who are still in an ongoing relationship and who have not legally separated.However, the reason a person can’t marry in this situation is the existence of a prior bond. Most moral people would consider dating someone else to be a violation of that promise. I was wondering if their situation would be any different to a couple who are legally separated and awaiting an annulment decision.It appears from your answers that until the annulment is granted, the rules are the same for everyone. Content Header .feed_item_answer_user.js-wf-loaded .

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What is the Catholic Church’s stance on whether or not a person can date other people if they are civilly divorced and have applied for an annulment, but have not yet got an annulment granted?

They know for certain that their marriage was not valid and that they will be granted an annulment as that kind of case is very easy to be certain about.

A national US survey of in the late 1980s of 6,484 people suggests one reason could be that many spouses "monitor and attempt to control their spouse's health behaviours" - encouraging them to go for health checks, take medication, loose weight, exercise, go easy on alcohol.… continue reading »

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