Dating brazilian women

27-Oct-2020 16:49

If you just want to communicate with her, I strongly suggest learning portuguese instead. So I am confident that she wants to see where it goes.

Yes, I know Brazilians speak Portuguese, but she speaks 3 languages- Portuguese, Spanish and Italian but she prefers Spanish. I'll try to answer your questions as sincerely as I can!! I don't know where in Brazil she is from, with our limited communication capabilities it has been slow. I think she wants to pursue this because she texts me every day, she has invited me to visit Spain, and she thinks about me all the time. The funny thing is that I have not been faking anything.

I want to pursue the relationship and see what happens. I live in the US and we met on a train to New York while she was on holiday here.

We have been communicating over text and skype regularly. She lives in Spain so she spoke very little english.

Here people are more easy about revealling their feelings.3 - About loyalty I can't say anything... There is no strict rule in this subject.4 - In Brazil it is common that man take charge of some responsabilities, some simple decisions, but something that shows that you are self confident. I wish you luck in you endeavour PS: learn at least some words in portuguese to say in bed with her.. I think I should have dated Brazilian a lot sooner!

I hope this helped some way, and wish the best luck!! this matters a lot, because the culture of the south is VERY different from the northest for instance.. I will take everyones advice and learn a little Portuguese and some Italian.

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If you are thinking about moving to Spain, learn spanish. " But we chat every day, skype and she has invited me to visit.I am passionate physically and I like to touch my woman all the time and take charge in the bedroom.From what I have learned already, I should have been dating Brazilian women all along.and you need to act differently with the girls dependending of where they grow.. I'm not rushing into marriage and wont be having any kids.

I don't think I will be beating her, but I will keep that in my back pocket just in case.

Questions1 - Yes, its normal2 - Yes, she probably does like it3 - If she wants you to visit, it was not a holyday thing IMO. Depends on the person, more than any of the other questions.