Dating british army officers

23-Jun-2020 14:13

Promotion to Major follows between 8-10 years service.

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It is normally held for up to 2 years, during which time they complete special to arms training relevant to their Corps.

Brigadiers can command a brigade or be a director of operational capability groups such as a director of staff.

Generals hold the most senior appointments - such as the Chief of Defence Staff, Vice Chief of Defence Staff, Chief of the General Staff, Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe, and Commander in Chief Land Forces.

In return you can look forward to pushing personal boundaries as well as making a real difference to operations around the world.

Whether you join the Intelligence Corps as a Regular or Reservist there is a vast variety of opportunities for you to consider.

Approximately 55% of the Intelligence Corps is employed within the 1st Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Brigade (Bde) this is inclusive of the Military Intelligence Battalions (MI Bn) with the other 45% of the Corps roles in wider Defence.