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Sometimes you have to look hard but they often will have a month-year mark.

Coolers and lantern cases often have the imprint on the bottom.

660 size globes don’t appear to follow the normal timeline.

If you have any information on the US or Canadian globe timeline please send me whatever data you have.

Canadian globes (thanks to Steve Retherford, Agostino Del Coro) Three variations of this of this are known.

You'll clearly find the code on the bottom, as before, but the number on the left will be the month and the 2-digit code on the right will be the year.There are also small belly bulge sandblasted sunshine logo globes very rare or hard to find today, so far no Canadian version seen.There are also some small belly or embossed globes made in a mold that have Coleman lettering in the casting, it seems all of this style found to date are cracked, it appears this style could not take the heat.Stoves have them on the bottom occasionally (newer stoves mostly) but often you'll be able to find numbers on the inside of the tank's mounting flaps.

Even if not dated, that chart at the ICCC website will give you a good idea of when your Coleman was made. Some are stamped in places where they shouldn't be.Found on Canadian 200 236 237 220 Around late ’64 Canada switched from green to red logo but used the same bold print design as the prior couple of years. After early ’69 they moved to the red parallelogram logo already in use by USA and discontinued the sunshine.

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