Dating divorcees kids

01-Dec-2019 09:31

We have witnessed firsthand the positive things that can come from having a bonus parent.This past summer, we put pen to paper and wrote/designed a children’s book that has become a labor of love for us.This became a real discussion for us in our early days, and ultimately, what made me fall in love with Justin, even more, is that he was all-in for being the best bonus dad ever and embracing that role fully without ever wondering ‘what if.’ He has filled the role as a great bonus dad, and he has felt an imperative to serve as a role-model for the kids. Instead, I met Monique and fell in love with her, and her two kids.Having kids of ‘my own’ became less important to me as I quickly realized how much I could and I believe my family and many of my friends thought I was crazy at first and wondered if I would have regrets.Our goal was to provide a beautifully illustrated, whimsical, colorful and engaging book that both children and adults would enjoy reading together.We wanted it to be applicable to both bonus dads and bonus moms.Never once has he ever called them “your kids” instead they have always been “our kids.” family there have been a few – he has been by my side and by their side.

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We also wanted to include a teaching moment in each one-page chapter so we added a ‘big idea’ value–tenacity, cooperation, honesty–to each page.

They will be 18 and 20 next year, and we have learned many lessons over the last decade.

I am incredibly grateful that Justin stepped into the role of being their stepdad with his entire being.

It’s an important lesson for all of us as we often judge or assume without knowledge of a person’s true situation – positive or negative.

It is incredibly fulfilling, and can be incredibly frustrating, but isn’t that parenting in general?

I could sometimes feel their nonverbal, unsupportive or hesitant response when I shared I was dating a woman with two kids.