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On the surface, Sean Napier stands outside a farmhouse watching the pods streak across the Illinois sky. Napier vents his usual anger toward the Exofleet, but Marsala interrupts him, saying that he hears something approaching.

He throws an old picture of Amanda Connor into the air, and the wind carries it away. The ground begins to shake and an enormous Neosapien land E-frame breaks through the trees.

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Provided by Adam Keith ([email protected]) One year after the devastating battle near Earth against the Neosapien armada, the Exofleet remains docked in orbit around Jupiter.

While repairs to the damaged fleet continue, the members of Able Squad are finally released from the Resolute's brig after serving their year-long prison sentence for their mutinous actions surrounding Lieutenant Marsh's arrest.

Suddenly, Jinx Madison arrives in his E-frame and begins firing on the last Neosapien E-frame, who is pursuing the retreating Resistance and Exofleet fighters into the forest.

At a Neosapien installation on Earth, General Shiva is silently watching a broadcast of Amanda Connor's show when an officer informs him of an asteroid approaching Earth.The three remaining Able Squad pilots, Marsh, De Leon, and Marsala, deploy the parachutes on their reentry pods and land in a grassy field. Marsala lifts the upside-down pod in the air long enough for Alec to climb out the bottom and then drops it to the ground. Typhonus orders the Terrans to drop their weapons, but De Leon takes out a flash grenade and throws it high into the air, where it goes off with a blinding burst of light. Still blinded by the grenade because of their more sensitive vision, the Neosapiens begin firing on each other.The land E-frame is damaged and topples to the ground, appearing to crush Typhonus in its death throes.At the GRAF Shield control center, Xenobius is staying up late trying to get the GRAF Shield working properly.

The computer rejects his data and he seems to have little understanding of the shield.

When the computer prompts him to make another request, he wistfully replies, " a genius." On a precipice in sight of the control center, Marsh and Napier plan out a diversionary attack by the Resistance while the Exofleet pilots make the real strike on the center.