Dating female athlete who is aundrea fimbres dating

19-Sep-2019 23:27

If you didn’t guess this one, then I’m not sure what you thought being a girlfriend or boyfriend of an athlete would be like.

Between all of that day in and day out, it can start to feel like there’s just not enough time for you. You just have to memorize his schedule and see where there are gaps in both of your schedules to hang out.It’s basically their job that feeds, houses them, and gives them an education.Don’t forget that they are also extremely talented and driven individuals who were chosen over other individuals to play.So forgive me when I say, it won’t be a perfect movie scene where your athlete runs off the field after the winning touchdown to give you a smothering kiss and carries you off the field like in Cinderella.

To be able to work out daily, strive to do better, and push themselves to the max, that’s a special breed called an athlete.

you’re not and I am currently dating one who has taken my heart by storm.