Dating for men over 40

03-Oct-2019 02:49

Call a woman and have a plan and a date rather than suggest that you will figure it out later.

If you can't use modern technology properly (You can text but not use Siri to find restaurants? Contributors: Stefanie Safran from Stef And The City Coming up with the plan and expecting her to show up is not realistic in today's day and age.

If your on this page looking for tips on how to get hookups, you’re in the wrong area.

The days of trying to seduce a girl in a club/bar are long gone by the time you hit 40 and most men in their 40’s are looking to settle down.

“I’m looking for someone who wants to be in a committed long-term relationship, and I’m very honest with what I’m looking for, although I don’t try to force it.

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Blaming your ex may make you look like you have not learned from your experience and that you are not ready for a new relationship.Keep this in mind while dating so you're not disillusioned when you transition into a long-term committed relationship.

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