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02-May-2020 01:17

This 3-part series will look at what it’s like to be a mom on the spectrum–the challenges and the strengths–as well as what kind of supports autistic parents say they would benefit from.

As someone who was undiagnosed when my daughter was young, I wasn’t surprised to hear again and again from other autistic moms how beneficial an earlier diagnosis would have been.

“I had no social network and very little support at home.

Having a diagnosis or even knowing I was autistic might have saved my marriage and some of my social relationships, which would have greatly benefited my kids.” Many of the women who shared their stories for this article echoed Erika’s frustrations.

The first few months of motherhood were just as challenging for me and I had similar doubts about my ability to cope with the day-to-day demands.

She is the author of “I Think I Might Be Autistic: A Guide to Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis and Self-Discovery for Adults” and is a regular contributor to Autism Parenting Magazine.

By Cynthia Kim, AWN Contributing Writer If you Google “autism” and “mother,” you’ll find hundreds of references to mothers of autistic children for every mention of mothers who are autistic.

It would be easy to assume–as perhaps many people have for a long time–that autistic mothers simply don’t exist.

Article Autism Support Network have a video segment by autism pioneer Dr.

Tony Attwood who returns to answer questions about autism. Attwood talks about how to assist your AS child with the death of a loved. The competition was a huge success attracting over 1,000 entrants from all over the UK, and from as far afield as America and India!

When asked about helpful supports, Amanda says she wishes that she’d had someone to liaison with her children’s schools. raising 4 kids to 3 different dads.” Additionally, she felt that she “never fit in with the other mums . Citing her own difficulty with befriending other parents and teachers, as well the loneliness of her early years of motherhood, she adds, “It’s been hard to teach the kids things we ourselves are no good at.” Several parents said that some form of coaching, advice or instruction on social skills for the family would be beneficial, especially in the preschool and elementary school years. When our children our young, we interact with them all day, every day.

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