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The Histoet op Epidemic Pestilences in Ieeland : Early Records of Pestilence, The Pre-Christian Period, The Historic Period, . When Boate wrote his History of Ireland, about the middle of the seventeenth century, he says, the “leprosy which, in former times, used to be very common, has for many years, been almost extinct in Ireland.” Upon the establishment of county infirmaries, the lepcr-hospital at Waterford (the only existing rcniiiant of the kind) was found to contain one leper in 1775. specify the disease, its seat, and cure, they are not explicit in the description of its character-; and all the native authors whom we have consulted, appear to have taken, their account of the disease from some of the old Latin aiithors, to wliom wc have referred in the portion of this Report devoted to the consideration of medical manuscripts. And in the nosological arrange- ments of the tables of death in the present Census, we have included under the head of lepra and other skin diseases,” all thoso_ cutaneous affections said to have caused death, the numbers and distribution of which ai*c_set forth in the analysis of the Tables of Deaths in a more advancecl section of this Report. 3 R Printed image digitised by the University of Southampton Library Digitisation Unit 490 CENSUS OF IRELAND FOR THE YEAR 1851. — Return of Deaths for Dublin City, showing by Occupations their EEPORT ON TABLES OF DEATHS.

') Printed image digitised by the University of Southampton Library Digitisation Unit TABLE OF CONTENTS. The circumstances attending the erection ot these institutions, and the authorities upon which these statements are based will be found under their respective dates in the foregoing table. head of leprosy were, in former times, included several cutaneous affections, as even, in the present clay, a diversity of diseases of the tegumentary system are grouped under the head of Lepra. According to localities, 23 of these deaths occurred in the second class prh'ate streets, north and south, 22 iii the mixed streets, 22 in the districts, and 21 in hospitals and worlchouses, where also the deaths of 33 nurseteuders occurred.

The Annals of Tighernaoh, „ Ulster, „ Clonmacnoise, . 421 recent translation of the Annals of the Four Masters, renders it “groat lues.’ It Analysis is manifest that, if it was a newly introduced disease, the name, at least, was of Pebtilkkces not novel to the Irish at that time, for the word Trusca is as old as the time ot ' j^^aths St. It is, moreover, remarkable that this disease, which was apparently of foreign origin, “ran over all Ireland this year.’ It appears, therefore, from Leprosy, the expressions in the ancient records, to have partaken more of the nature of an acute, sudden, and epidemic disease, than oi a chronic skin affection,^ like leprosy. Upon the present occasion wo have to report upon the deaths of 121 males and 58 females ; of these 60 died of epidemic diseases, of which fever proved fatal in 37 instances, only 13 died of diseases of the brain and nervous system, 7 of disease of heart, and 48 from diseases of the respiratory organs, among which consumption was fatal to 23 males and 8 females.

Printed image digitised by the University of Southampton Library Digitisation Unit REPORT ON TABLES OF DEATHS. 3 109 126 4 15 * 2 5 9 16 21 793 »■ 1 11 2 84 no V . 15 21 7 11 12 508 482 «■}.= 2 I 2 2 187 115 2 1 1.55 133 5 10 11 1 25 8 53 26 .36 37 1,738 1,510 l.s p. The period of life at which most persons ministering to religion died was h*om 45 to 55, when 29 of these deaths occurred, but 11 lived to from 75 to 80, and 5 to upwards of 80 ; 24 of those deaths occurred in the first, and 23 in the second class private streets. The deaths of this class amounted in 1841 to 112 males and 19 females.

,16 Clyn’s Annals, 16 Camden’s Annals, ' 16 Compilations of Pembridge and Flatisbury, The Annals of Ross, .... These entries are only the most notable peculiarities of these different sections, the total deaths in which will be found in the different workhouse tables, of which this is but a brief analysis. According to the report for 1841 the mortality in first-class streets -w-as 1 in 122-2 on the south, and 1 in 1117 on the north side of the city ; and in the Linenhall and St. This remarkable disproj^ortion becomes still pa er when we consider that all patients labouring under disease in priv Se families m the upper walks of life are treated at their own houses ; whereas ^0 proportion of persons so circumstanced in the various wards, exclusive of private or shop streets, &c are sent to hospital.

Dropsy was returned as the cause of death to 6,621 persons, the sexes being 81-1 females to 100 males; and gastric fever was fatal to 837. ’ tii inspection of this table will explain better than words the varieties which exist in the vai-ious loc.ilities in the city of Dublin. Again, the total deaths from fever m the first-class private streets on the north side were but 6, or 1 in 508 whilp m Arran-quay ward upon the same side of the Liffey, with a population of 18 258 the deaths were 279, or 1 m 6o.

: 4,301 died from convulsions, in the proportion of 93’7 females to 100 males ; hydrocephalus was fatal to 1,128, the sexes presenting the remarkable difference of 80-2 females to 1 00 males.

Diseases of the brain and nervous system were assigned as the cause of death to 9,122 persons, the sexes being 87'8 females to 100 males ; of these, the diseases of infancy formed the large majority, viz.

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CONTAINING THE REPOET, TABLES OE PESTILENCES, AND ANALYSIS OF THE TABLES OE DEATHS. as that at NVaterford, in 1185; at Kilbixy, in 1192; at More Abbey, in 1272, in 14U8, at Wexford; and in 1421, in Dublin. Upon the great mortality of the medical profession in Ireland some observations will be found at page 232 in the Table of Pestilences.

^ After the foregoing notice, in the tenth century, we do not road of any invasion, or epidemic, of leprosy ; but that it existed in particular districts, and at particular times, may be fairly infei Tod from the number of entries referiing to the erection and endowment of Lazar-houses during the next six contunes. Only 16 persons, the sexes being equal, were returned as having died of age and debility, being absolutely and relatively less than the same cause of death in 1841.

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