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22-Jan-2020 16:36

People who organize these events wanted to create a place where they can meet with friends and tell stories.There is always a homemade soup, served by Sahand Mother.If you go to the cinema, don’t make a whole date out of it. After cinema you can chill in the rhythm of live music and drink some beer or wine.They say that Pathe Tuschinski is the most beautiful cinema in the world.I love these kind of bars because it feel much better to hear live music, see musicians and interact with them.Everyone finds something for himself, because there are many different live music bars with many different kinds of music. It is in the city center, so it’s a great place to visit during you pub crawl. I would like to mention one more live music bar, Waterhole.There is a colorful jar on the bar and if you spend a good time in Mezrab, share some of your money and support this cool initiative.Only sometimes when they hire professional humorists, you have to pay Amsterdam is a great place for live music events.

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Every friday, saturday and sunday there are events, concerts, performances. I am proud to say that my friend Roxy established an amazing website with a standup schedule in Amsterdam – follow this link On this website you can check upcoming events and you will be surprised how many of them take place in Amsterdam.

But when you see this cinema you will understand immediately why it is on this list.

Pathe Tuschinski is beyond anything you can imagine!

There are many cool things you can do in Amsterdam when it comes to dating.

I always suggest combining 3 – 4 experiences during one date. For example, you may take a ride on a bike to the city center, play some old school arcades, eat something good and end up in a wine bar or a live music bar.Keep in mind that there are different cinema rooms and you want to go to “GROOTE ZAL” – the big screening room.