Dating lachenal concertinas

29-Feb-2020 16:52

Today the Museum’s community of stakeholders is a global one, and the collection numbers over 8,000 examples of sound-producing instruments from all over the world.The Horniman is one of the few UK museums that collects instruments of popular music.The bold project of digitizing the ledgers was devised by a uniquely dedicated and gifted individual, Robert Gaskins, to whom the Horniman Museum owes a profound debt of gratitude.Mr Gaskins planned the entire project, he created the scans from the original documents, processed the digitized images to enhance their readability, created a database to generate the webpages, and prepared the website and CDs.

The information gleaned from these experts’ consultations of the digitized ledgers is helping to fuel the work of their transcription and analysis.

It differs from other concertinas in that the scale is divided evenly between the two hands, such that playing a scale involves both hands alternately playing each note in sequence.

The evangelical Salvation Army adopted all systems of the concertina as a more portable and flexible alternative to brass instruments, and published a number of tutor books showing the complexity and range of the music they played on the English system.

The Horniman Museum was established as a public museum in 1901, when it was given to the London County Council as representing ‘the people of London’.

The donor, Frederick Horniman, included some two hundred musical instruments in the gift of his collection and the Museum building.The English concertina found limited use in Irish traditional music – significantly less than the Anglo concertina.

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