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13-Feb-2020 22:36

“We know a lot of people who go to the Czech Republic to have sex. In Jelenia Góra we all know each other, so if someone wants to stay anonymous, they just hop over the border.Grindr can give you a sense of anonymity, if you want to stay anonymous [that is],” Dominik clarifies.Being a sexual minority in that town doesn’t help, either.So what do you do when you are gay and looking for love or sex in a bounded place?Searching for friends on Grindr is quite common among gay couples in Jelenia Góra.For Dominik and his partner, Grindr acts as a substitute for the lack of LGBT community life in the area, while for others it can also double up as a way for them to quench their thirst for casual sex. But thanks to online dating apps like Grindr, the search for a life partner can be faster and wilder than ever.In Jelenia Góra, a small town in Poland, users have experienced anything from dinner invitations to sex offers to dick pics.

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Jelenia Góra, a small town in Poland that borders with the Czech Republic, is an ageing place.But there are always exceptions to a rule, despite the fact that Jelenia Góra is – like the rest of Poland – not very accepting nor welcoming to gay people.According to a CBOS opinion poll from 2017, 24% of Poles believe same-sex sexual activity is morally unacceptable, 55% think it’s a deviation from the norm but should be tolerated.You download Grindr, the most popular online dating application for gay men and women.

Grindr uses geolocalisation to show its users the people closest to them that match their criteria, acting as a platform to bridge the divide between online and offline contact.

Nonetheless, international studies such as the the latest ILGA ranking (International Lesbian and Gay Association) see Poland as one of the worst countries to be gay in Europe with the community facing gross violations of human rights and regular discrimination.