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21-Mar-2020 09:50

I'm of the viewpoint that you cannot help women & girls without helping boys & men, and you can't help boys & men without helping women & girls.I would like for my nieces to one day find a respectable and great man who will be nothing shy of a spectacular life partner, and I want my nephews to one day find a respectable and great woman.In my opinion, these outlets mistake motive as the actual cause of these shootings, when in essence it is merely a cause. Just like some of you, I have younger brothers, cousins, nephews, etc.Just like some of you, I also have nieces, sisters, etc.We want men to grow up to be good fathers to both our daughters and our sons. Warren Farrell's Ted Talk from 2015 where he provides a good overview of the matter.He has also discussed the profound impact that dads have on the development of empathy in boys, how mothers and fathers both set boundaries the same but enforce them differently, and even outlines ways to detect red flags.I felt that Reddit, despite all of its flaws, can provide a constructive open forum for analysis, and hopefully, it will get some attention so that we, the people, can remove some control of the dialogue from those large corporations.

If I were your father, I would make sure he never dated you until you were of age - and if I found out he "dated" you once, I would make sure he went to jail.

Fortunately, we all have choices we can make and ways we can help.

Probably like most (if not some) of you, I became jaded with the mainstream media blaming mass shootings on arbitrary characteristics like race or using these tragedies to push a political agenda.

Warren Farrell will be hosting an AMA on /r/IAm A September 12th.

dad enrichment, his proposal for President Trump to start a council to address the boy crisis, and a variety of other topics related to these matters.

For married and common-law couples any written separation agreement that you and your spouse signed in front of a witness may affect your support and property rights.

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