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16-Apr-2020 16:02

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If things don't work out with Naomi, who's next on his list? They're always sending us back and forth between different girls! It would depend on the story and how they do it." How long do you see the show running for?"This is not official, but I'm pretty sure that we're going to season three. Lanter is hot, but his friend Jason Kennedy is off the scale fuckable. Maybe some just don't want to talk about their personal life to strangers like some gays irl. Can we report someone like this to the mods, or something? She went to my high school, they met on an air plane that she was working on. Glass closets who don't say anything or beard, fine. You're still a fucking troll that is derailing the thread. Can't even have a fucking conversation in here without some delusional ass ruining everything.Lanter being on dudetube then fundie is about as bad/laughable as it gets. I find it interesting that the "fiance" has to go EVERYWHERE with him. It's like she has no job of her own if she follows him everywhere and hangs on his arm like the trophy wife. but he will just end up fucking guys on the side during his marriage, like most closet cases do. The deal is as long as they keep it quiet and tight they get to sing Hosana all they want and the studio picks up the tab for their Brokeback Mountain adventures. Who the hell knows, like many little secrets in Hollywood, they probably do have a little "boys club" going on, at least Jason and Matt prob do.If Haynes wasn't on Xtube or whatever then he wins for not being stupid (much to the chagrin of his fans! Plus, if you ever look at her twitter or instagram, it's as if her whole life revolves around him. He is a self hating fundie closet case, hence he married a girl. Marrying a girl doesn't change his sexuality, despite the fact that you want it to. You have no idea how many of the celebrities that you're crushing on right now that are gay. This is a very telling comment (and NOT the first time I've heard it) -"The times when we’ve seen her with him at places like Star Wars weekends at Disney, she’s come across as bitchy, clingy & VERY possessive…."Woke up this morning with an ocean view and a new bride. And "gayface" is the telling sign of someone being gay? Jason Kennedy is kinda heartbroken because he liked Roberts hole the best and was a real champ about rimming it and letting everyone else fuck it before him. While his wife watches I am stretching out Matty's hole with 3 fingers.

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They also don't usually bring them on the red carpet to be photographed either. Ones higher up on the tree like say Timberlake can afford extreme privacy. A picture from the 'fiance's' instagram (when she accompanied him to NYC for the CW upfronts (of which NO other stars usually take personal 'significant others' to that kind of industry event) -"NYC bound with the hottest guy I’ve ever laid eyes on @mattlanter"Matt wants an acting career in Hollywood even if its just on TV and not movies the trade off is getting married and doing the Christian schtick for as long as it is required. There has been YEARS of information about him, going back to those who worked on the first reality show he started on.Everything is about - "the love of my life", " the best thing that ever happened to me", "hottest guy in hollywood", "Man in Christ" , etc. Some men are ashamed of being gay even when they have no reason to be. yet it's because of society and assholes like yourself that people don't have the guts to come out. We have all the reasons to think so, there's been a lot of rumors surrounding him for years, including the Dudetube pics and his model show all those years ago. #blessed @angelastacy Jxnxlfj/Love my husband!! ❤ @Matt Lanter: Woke up this morning with an ocean view and a new bride. The gangs headed over in a little bit to help Matt and his new bride consummate their special marriage.

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