Dating men with vasectomies

25-Feb-2020 12:15

Sperm are impossible to detect without the use of a microscope.The quality, intensity, and duration of a man"s orgasm and ejaculate should not change after a vasectomy.Fifty men volunteered their answers; 121 women responded.And as the survey progressed, she found that “Men really had a lot to say in the decision-making regarding remaining child-free.” ♦◊♦ Scott says men and women feel the stigma against childlessness differently.

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Here are some, but not all, of the questions commonly asked by women: "Men with vasectomies should not experience a change in sexual drive after vasectomy recovery," said urologist Dr. "Sperm is only a tiny portion of the seminal fluid that is released at ejaculation." A vasectomy does not change the volume, color, or consistency of the ejaculate.

Physicians usually advise that it's best to wait a week or two following the procedure before returning to sexual activity.

"It will take up to 3 months or longer in some cases before sperm is no longer ejaculated," Smith added, "so an alternative form of birth control will need to be used initially.

, an idea popped into my head: We have plenty of articles and columns and posts covering being a good dad, but what about us dudes who don’t want to have kids? (OK, maybe I am a little selfish and immature.) Mom cried when she found out. A lot of negative vibes pop up for those of us who want to remain child-free. This column will examine the issues—good, bad, fugly—surrounding the decision to permanently avoid reproduction. Did you get snipped without your significant other knowing? Do you belong to a church that tells you God has a little bundle of drool waiting for you?

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I had a vasectomy at 28, and since then I’ve been called selfish and immature for permanently saving myself from midnight bottle feedings.

Vasectomy sterilization is considered permanent, though a reversal may be able to restore fertility.

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