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21-Dec-2019 15:24

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My first post-marriage love affair was with a guy I knew at university back in the day.

(They never met and he went poof one day.) Other people have ridiculously short distance requirements.

Some men list 10 miles as their dating radius in their dating profiles.

Different culture, different music, different life story, different academic background …

yes, your values will be similar as this will be one of the things that brings you and your date together, but how you came to have them may be worlds apart.

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I bet you’re thinking, “”I’m glad dating is hard’ is an odd approach. [click to continue…] Tagged as: 40 dating, boomer dating, dating over 40, dating over 40 advice, dating over 50, dating over forty, mature dating, midlife dating, older women dating younger men, online dating advice, online dating book for women over 40, over 40 dating Some people set no distance requirements on potential suitors.It seems I had become a liability; dinner party invitations had begun to dry up.Perhaps a single, stylish, independent, free-thinking woman in her mid-40s was a scary proposition – was I going to make a move on friends’ husbands, or was I going to put unwanted ideas of independence into my girlfriends’ heads? I’d heard plenty of horror stories, but I’d also heard stories of friendships, marriages and long-term partnerships between people who’d met online. You get to email and phone before deciding whether to meet. I love words, so for me writing and receiving long emails was a great way of finding out about a possible date. I was looking for a bit of confidence-boosting and excitement.It has almost been a year since I wrote this post and thought it could do with an update or at least a note from me to let you know that I am still here and active.

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Since this post I have met a lot of bloggers that are in the prime of their lives and blogging about everything from the point of view of the older woman. He wrote several books, was named 1992 Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the Small Business Administration, and magazine featured him as one of the Great Comebacks of the Year. Here are some tips on how to ensure you enjoy your adventure of dating after 50, not dread the next coffee date.

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