Dating minton marks

19-Oct-2019 05:25

A few examples of special marks are given below: Detailed descriptions of figures, Character Jugs and Toby Jugs, with dates of introduction and (where applicable) of withdrawal, will be found in the publications Royal Doulton Figures and Royal Doulton Character and Toby Jugs (see back page).The following numbers indicate the approximate periods during which the patterns so marked were first introduced.Take a trip around the Royal Doulton Pottery in Burslem and see artistry in action.During more than a century and a half Royal Doulton have gained a unique reputation for ceramic work of art.This mark is still used on fine earthenware products such as Character Jugs.

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Differing from B.7 by the addition of the words MADE IN ENGLAND, this mark was commonly in use after 1932.

It must be kept in mind that some patterns remained in production and usually kept the same number for many years.

The trade-marks were, however, changed several times between the 1880s and now, and these can help to establish the period of production.

These hand-painted wares were not reproduced in great quantities and some items bearing RA-numbers would probably never have been repeated.

The dates below are when the books containing the designs recorded in each were purchased.Hand-painted, and largely hand-painted, wares designed and decorated by Robert Allen and artists in his studios, were often given RA-numbers, written by hand, in addition to the usual trade-mark and any other number.

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