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22-Apr-2020 18:40

I go on business trips quite often and can say that they are usually a whirlwind and most of the times a lot of things are crammed into the short time I am there.

Unfortunately in the past, it has caused some problems in my relationships because I do forget to communicate with my SO when on trips because there is so much stuff going on...despite the fact that yes there are times when I could make a quick call..gets put on the back burner unfortunately. You don't know him that well yet, so you shouldn't risk it. i actually posted a similar thread to this one a while back. he actually called ME halfway through his trip to set up a date. i know, but it feels so much better when they are calling you from their busy and fun vacation to say, 'hey babe - just want to make sure i have plans with you this weekend!

I guess I just want to hear from him because I am thinking of him, and would like to know he might feel the same.

But maybe it's a case of "out of sight, out of mind? I_win thanks for letting me know that just because you're away doesn't mean you've forgotten, it just means you are busy.

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I think you are all right in saying to ask him if he misses me, etc is leading and makes me seem needy and insecure.It might show him that you trust and can respect time apart.