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12-Jun-2020 10:47

The Eurasian routes plied by Paleolithic obsidian are remarkably similar to those of Hellenistic and Medieval trade empires over 3,000 centuries later, including portions of the celebrated Silk Road, according to Gasparyan.But evidence is growing that those networks themselves are a recent chapter in the larger saga.” Whether the obsidian and other stone tools in Stone Age times were used as weapons against other people or mostly or solely to kill wild game is the subject of much speculation among archaeologists, anthropologists and psychologists.and often move from one private collection to the next as most sites are now depleted, destroyed, and/or protected by law forbidding modern day digging.It is probable by simple logistics, that over time, high grade stone tools from Africa and the Old World, will appreciate in value as demand continues to outpace the finite supply circulating amongst collectors that buy pieces and never resell.Friedkin site, named for the family who owns the land about 40 miles northwest of Austin in Central Texas.The site has undergone extensive archaeological work for the past 12 years.Modern people have even experimented with it for use in surgical scalpels.

Stone tools are the oldest traces of human activity.

Investment aside, no historical collection should be without representative tools of our ancestors.

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