Dating old singer sewing machines

12-Jan-2020 20:06

The value of old Singer sewing machines varies significantly, depending largely on the circumstances of the particular machine.With a history dating back to 1851, Singer has manufactured millions of machines in thousands of assorted designs and styles.My machine's serial number isn't in the Rockford Illinois listings, so although that is where the company was based that is not where my machine was actually made, so Janome cannot help me unless I can find some indication on the machine of where it was made.

On models dating from 1960 to 1989, the model numbers can be found on the front panels of the machines.So not to be put off by a little thing like time difference I went to the Janome website Us/General_Inquiries and filled in the 'contact us' link.I put N/A for the required fields of Dealer and Software, then I chose a random purchase date to get past that required field, I got a Prompt reply this morning: So I have emailed them back but am not holding out too much hope that they can help, however it is good to know these Free/Westinghouse, Necchi, Elna and New Home machines can potentially be dated by Janome if you can supply them with the necessary details.Several of the most popular machine models are more likely to be sought by collectors.

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Any of the Featherweight models, such as model number 221, or the Turtleback models are more likely to catch a collector’s eye.Determining the current worth of any one machine can be a daunting task.