Dating online stories

01-Dec-2020 04:56

I froze, wondering if I would feel his hairy balls touching my skin - that would be too much of a distraction and not worth it. I run into the kitchen and I'm telling myself that I do not want to give this naked man a massage in return. I hold the meat up and I tell the naked man that I forgot I had to go to a barbecue and I'm the one that was supposed to bring the main course. I leave the meat on the table and start grabbing paper plates and utensils.Once he started the back massage, I let everything in my mind go. My mind right now jumps back to what the fuck is gonna happen next. As I'm hurriedly packing all of this into a large picnic bag that I have, he's finally done getting dressed.About a half hour in, I got a text from a name I didn’t immediately recognize asking if we were still on for brunch.

Of course, I know that blithely stating that I regularly used a drug like PCP is kind of like briefly mentioning that I used to fuck deer, so I won’t dig myself a deeper hole by trying to justify it. One side effect of consistent drug abuse is a faulty memory, so I decided to blaze up at the reasonable hour of 11 am on a Saturday.

He tells me he did punch a dude but he had “no idea” why he was accused of sexual harassment. We leave and when I get home he texts me and asks if I am not interested, probably picking up on my body language. I come back to Jim snorting lines of cocaine off the coffee table. ”Jim: I’m testing out the product I picked up today. Jim: You really thought I could afford my lifestyle as a truck driver? I don't know why I invited him over in the middle of the day, I wasn't even in the mood for anything sexual, just wanted to see where things went. We chatted a bit more and I said I was going to make a cup of coffee.

He then pulled the report up on his phone (idk why the fuck he would have it saved on his phone) and he starts READING the report to me. I decided to be honest and told him that I was not interested. Jim invites me back to his place after dinner at Atlanta Fish Market. I walked into the kitchen out of sight and we both continued to talk from the other room.

After getting settled into my new place with my daughters, I decided to try my hand at online dating in the big city. He noticed this and apologized, saying that he thought he got the point across that he was a nudist.

I had GREAT conversation with a man we’ll call Jim. He drove a daily route from Atlanta to the port in Savannah. I couldn't help but laugh - either from nervousness or just because I walked into a room to find a stranger butt ass naked.

The conversation went dull as I was mostly in my own thoughts, and then he pulled out the mother of all questions. So we go about five feet over to where my bedroom is and I lay on my stomach and lift my shirt up to my neck, only exposing my back. Trying to think of any excuse I could come up with in the moment.

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