Dating peavey classic 30

05-Apr-2020 01:05

I used to have a 1960A cab with that mix in an x-pattern and I'm excited to get back to that pairing.Jeff, Your answers to questions in Premier Guitar have left me me to believe that you might know what I am hearing when I use my Peavey Classic 50/410 combo.Just found this sub and figured I'd share my JCM900 4100 on a Spawn 2x12 loaded with V30s!I have a G12T-75 on the way in the mail to replace one of the V30s.I want to get the clean sound and not have that underlying noise.It doesn’t matter if I am on channel one or two, have reverb on or off, in bright or normal channel.

Also here in Central Illinois, I don’t know of any good techs to take it to for repair.

If your original symptom has been eliminated but the amp is now producing a metallic ringing or starts feeding back, move around the location of the preamp tubes to see if you can place the offending tube in a less sensitive location.

If neither of these alleviates the symptom, at least the amp has a fresh set of tubes and should sound great once the cause has been found and the problem remedied.

Contact a guitar and amplifier appraiser to find out specific details, such as the age and value of your amplifier.

Inquire at local music stores for appraisal services. Originally from the United Kingdom, now based in Los Angeles, Rob Garland has been a writer and musician since 1989.Read the amplifier technical specifications to assist you in dating your amplifier.