Dating picking tip

07-Mar-2020 19:38

And then this boy appeared, he took my hand, waved to my friend, and walked with me chatting about nothing specific. Nevertheless, I would really recommend men to carry on despite being rejected. Instagram:@liza.angert Alexander Chernavskiy Kseniya, 18Men have approached me on three separate occasions during the last week I’ve spent in Moscow.

Usually, they ask if it’s possible to get to know me better (a standard line in Russia), I say “no” and this is how it ends.

Alexander Chernavskiy Irina, 44 (left) with her daughter Men approach me pretty often. But he was very persistent: He asked my friend to give him my number, then he started calling to try and meet me.

I do not get to know them because I’m married, but they try regardless. If you really like a woman, you need to be persistent.

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He introduced himself as an Arab sheikh living in one of the Baltic States. ” He spent a lot of time talking about his wealth — his palaces, cars, and other things.

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