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“Reading her story showed me that a small-town, tomboyish girl could leave home for the big city and become a writer and maintain her family ties.Alcott saw her ambition as admirable, showing how it didn’t cause the family to disintegrate.”“That idea was one thing I wanted to convey in my adaptation,” Swicord adds.“Her take on the novel more than convinced us that we could bring something new to the screen.”Gerwig’s version will focus more on the March sisters’ lives as young adults after Meg, Jo and Amy leave home.

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And she’s hearing echoes of those same complaints-framed-as-questions today as a producer on Greta Gerwig’s recently announced new version of “Little Women.”And, yes, she finds the logic behind the questioning rather …

“Greta has another take, and 25 years from now another writer will come up with another fresh way into the book.

Marmee (Susan Sarandon) calls it the Orchard House after receiving the painting Amy made of it while in France.

Alcott never married, saying she’d “rather be a free spinster and paddle my own canoe.” And she really didn’t want to marry off Jo, either, writing in her journal: “Girls write to ask who the little women marry, as if that was the only aim and end of a woman’s life.

I won’t marry Jo to Laurie to please anyone.” Her decision to pair Jo with Professor Bhaer instead still divides fans.“That book was a lifeline for me as a young reader because Jo March was the only writer I knew,” Swicord says.The 1994 film, on the other hand, could be seen as a corrective to earlier versions, focusing not on who the March sisters might marry, but rather what kind of women they might become.

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