Dating reptilian women

04-Oct-2019 14:00

In genetics, the non coding sequences (junk DNA) are common to ALL living organisms on Earth - moulds, fish, humans - and are now found to be responsible for such things as gene regulation, disease onset, human height etc.

Just as humans have extra terrestrial genetic codes, so do ALL other living things on the planet - the origin being 'meteorites' (not alien beings).

Nobody in sane mind would wear different lens, because nobody wants to look like a clown4) It is popular to label such abnormalities as evolution aigh? or better yet explain to us how the genetic fusion of chromosomes can happen in such a vast population at the same time to make a substantial population for there to be a big enough breeding pool for a new race to be created.

Or better yet how natural selection works when creatures procreate faster than they are killed to remove useless genes from the gene pool?

: It's also believed that the reptilians brought the Black Goo with them to planet Earth by mistake , because as it travels in outta space it stya he's itself to other organisums.

This Black Goo was also used in the military Black Operations on it's humsm victims for control.

I have even seen one for my self and I asked her if your age ranged from 0 to 2000 years old how old would you be and then the woman replied I would be about 1000 then I said wow and she said that living shorter lives was better. :) Although, you forgot to share this one, from the same page...In your pictures, the "hybrids" have cell phones and booze and such, and it seems as if they're going about "regular" human-type business...... If you have the time, you can elaborate because like I said, , , this forum is how people *learn* and get educated! less likely hybrids would realize who they are If hybrid is just 1/8 hybrid, that hybrid may never discover - because not enough reptilian genes to cause noticeable difference in appearance and physical qualities - although could have reptilian traits in character: more territorial and power hungry, more sexual, more negative towards those who are not similar... You can't treat some one so badly for nothing they them selfs have done! mamun sk: Portland Trail Blazers vs Denver Nuggets Live Streams | #basketball #nba2019 >>> https:// >>> https:// * #nba #basketball #nbahistory #nbaplayoffs #nbasemifinals #76ers #raptors #toronto #game #torontoraptors : Yo! this scam was similar to Fyre Festival and occurred in Philadelphia, PA.

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