Dating somebody from work

26-Nov-2020 11:06

Before they met, she had one child and included him in the child’s life early on in their relationship.

He says he doesn’t care if she gets another man but he knows how fasts she moves & doesn’t want his kids around just anybody.

When caught in deceit, lots of people’s first inclination is to cover it up with another lie, which can lead to yet another.

Trust can only begin to be rebuilt when your partner admits the mistake and takes responsibility for it.

One is meant to “enhance” the truth, the other to hide it, or replace it with a totally false version of reality.It made me wonder why he would lie about such a little thing and, more importantly, what else he’s lied about.” What would you do if you found yourself in Abby’s shoes? There’s no difference between a “little white lie” and the big black variety.A lie of any kind signals a character flaw and portends more egregious behavior down the road.The situation is very confusing for me as he takes one step forwards & 2 steps back.

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I’ve tried to show him that I am supportive of his situation.

But if you have lots of strengths to draw on, overcoming a problem like this is doable. Lying in any way, of course, is a bad idea and a poor choice.