Dating someone who is a quadrepelegic

20-Oct-2019 03:07

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We set out on our 8 Hour road trip to Atlanta from Raleigh.I was excited, nervous, and didn’t know how this might change our relationship after being alone together without anyone’s help for a week.We had a wonderful time with the family and I was so heartened for my family to see the love we share together on a daily basis. I learned a tremendous amount about myself, my boyfriend, and the dynamic of working together with someone to take care of me who loves me as opposed to a paid caregivers whose job it is to manage my healthcare.There is a financial transaction that takes place for someone to take care of you.

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Over the last year, he learned how to do my bowel program, change my catheter, dress me, shower me, etc., but only in stages.

However, when someone who loves you is taking care of you an entirely different level of compromise needs to be taken into account, which I learned a little bit of the hard way over Christmas.