Dating someone with fetal alcohol effects

15-Dec-2019 09:41

All four diagnostic systems allow for assessment of CNS damage in these areas, but criteria vary.

The IOM system requires structural or neurological impairment for a diagnosis of FAS, but also allows a "complex pattern" of functional anomalies for diagnosing PFAS and ARND.

The central nervous system damage criteria particularly lack clear consensus.

A working knowledge of the key features is helpful in understanding FASD diagnoses and conditions, and each is reviewed with attention to similarities and differences across the four diagnostic systems.

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In terms of FASD, growth deficiency is defined as significantly below average height, weight or both due to prenatal alcohol exposure, and can be assessed at any point in the lifespan.

4 of executive summary), Growth deficiency (at severe, moderate, or mild levels) contributes to diagnoses of FAS and p FAS, but not ARND or static encephalopathy.

Growth deficiency is ranked as follows by the "4-Digit Diagnostic Code": In the initial studies that discovered FAS, growth deficiency was a requirement for inclusion in the studies; thus, all the original people with FAS had growth deficiency as an artifact of sampling characteristics used to establish criteria for the syndrome.

Because imaging procedures are expensive and relatively inaccessible to most people, diagnosis of FAS is not frequently made via structural impairments, except for microcephaly.

Evidence of a CNS structural impairment due to prenatal alcohol exposure will result in a diagnosis of FAS, and neurological and functional impairments are highly likely.

Partial fetal alcohol syndrome (p FAS) refers to individuals with a known, or highly suspected, history of prenatal alcohol exposure who have alcohol-related physical and neurodevelopmental deficits that do not meet the full criteria for FAS.

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