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03-Dec-2019 08:27

The first thing is to be clear on your own intentions and know what exactly it is that you want.You see, as you travel to beautiful cities like Jaco and San Jose, you’ll encounter a lot of beautiful women.While it was once considered the undiscovered jewel of the South American continent, Costa Rica is fast becoming its most popular holiday destination.From its magnificent jungles and gorgeous landscapes to its historic sites and megaliths, there is a lot of different facets to Costa Rica that make it the ideal destination to host wellness retreats, shoot blockbuster movies and for history buffs to rediscover ancient civilisations, while taking in its awesome bounty of indigenous plant and local cuisine.Semi-professional prostitutes are basically women who choose to hook up with western men a few times a month just so they can earn enough to pay their bills and cover their children’s school fees, as the country currently faces a huge problem of having fatherless children.

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You may not fully understand what the latter category of prostitutes refers to, so a little explanation is in order.

The fact that women in Costa Rica enjoy flirting and having fun, or that some are semi and full-on prostitutes does not make them an easy catch.

On the contrary, there are a lot of really good women to be found in Costa Rica who are highly intelligent, well-educated as they are beautiful, and with real family values to boot.

However, if you’re looking to pay for sex then a massage parlour is absolutely the place to go when you’re in the country.

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If a Costa Rican woman is flirting with you, don’t let it get to your head, because she may just be having a good time without any thought of taking it further with you.

Thing is, Costa Rican women generally have bubbly personalities and laughing and flirting is part of how they socialise on a daily basis.