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" "Yes, sir," the nerd replied, his answer barely a whisper. Get to fuck the hottest cheerleader in school and get caught only a couple of minutes in. " She at first tried the 'it won't happen again' approach. Stanford, it won't happen again." I replied, "I would like to believe that but if I recall correctly this is your third infraction at my school. Once all spent, I pulled out of her mouth and demanded, "Bend over my desk." Clearly horny now and I imagine desperate to finish a fuck she started over an hour ago, she eager complied."Hoe long had the two of you been having actual intercourse before you were caught? The first was plagiarizing an essay and the second was the hazing incident." She quickly defended herself. I don't write it, but I do enforce it." A frantic look in her eyes emerged as she pleaded, "There must be something you can do." I shrugged, "Oh, there is lots I can do, but why would I? I lifted up her skimpy cheerleader's skirt and caressed her tight ass. I chuckled, "I wasn't actually asking your permission.She again whimpered, although it sounded more like a whimper of joy than pain.I wiggled around before sliding a second finger in.

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"Actually Dallas, go wait outside." "But," she began to protest. " I ordered, my voice rising and my tone daring her to continue questioning me. Like so many boys and men, one rash decision involving some hot piece of tail and you can lose everything. So don't let anyone know and I will pretend it never happened." "Thank you, sir," he enthusiastically agreed. She walked to her chair with a sexy wiggle, one I am sure had worked to get her out of trouble in the past. My balls boiling, I demanded, "I'm going to come in your mouth soon, my slut.Summary: A Principal disciplines a stuck-up hot bitch cheerleader.Note: This story is dedicated to Doc who inspired this ass-centered story."Aaahhh," she let out, as I widened her virgin ass for my cock. Allen, your tight ass is almost ready for my cock." "Oh God," she moaned, as I explored her insides with my fingers.

Finally confident I had prepared her as best I could for her anal deflowering, I slid my fingers out and quickly moved my cock into position again.

You know what happens after strike three in baseball, don't you, Ms. "And 'out' in school terms means suspension or expulsion, Ms. Stanford," she smiled, assuming I was going to make her give me a blowjob or maybe fuck her. Allen," I warned, standing in front of her and looking down. "Who are people going to believe, the respected principal or some slut cheerleader? "Now bend back over like a good slut." Tears began streaming down her face as she obeyed while pleading, "Please don't, sir." I ignored her plea, sliding two fingers rather easily inside her pussy. " I asked, pumping my two fingers in and out of her pussy. I pulled out and placed a sticky finger at her virgin puckered entrance and slowly pushed forward. Or as Coach Watters always says 'no pain, no gain.'" I wiggled my finger around attempting to slowly expand her tight asshole. I wiggled my finger a bit more before pulling out and quickly added a second finger. She screamed, "Oh my God, I can't take it anymore." I smiled as I pondered the fact that next was my cock, which was longer and wider than my two fingers.