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This helped to achieve the best understanding between developers and designers, and as a result, to accelerate and simplify the development process.During the introduction of a single design system, the guys faced many problems due to a large amount of legacy code.The conference has united over 600 participants: i OS & Android developers, QA engineers, analytics, tech leads, product owners and other professionals.Representatives of such companies as Netflix, Google, Uber, The New York Times, App Metrica, ROSBANK, Revolut, Alfa-Bank, and other brands have delivered talks sharing the hottest mobile development trends and their own personal experiences and expertise.Are you adding more and more features to your app, and getting worried about your app size blowing up?If so, reducing your app size should be on your radar.In this talk you can learn about how Google Pay works, what are the advantages, general UX guidelines and how to integrate the API in a few simple steps.Dive into the things that really matter for maintainable architecture in i OS apps: • Design Patterns are part of your toolbox, but you need to be pragmatic, • MVC vs MVVM, • View Controller is part of a View layer in both patterns, • The biggest mistake people make with both patterns -Join the e-Legion Quiz for i OS developers.

We are going to discuss the traditional product teams structure and the role that developers play there.

Your apps can also label a provided image for special characteristics and identify popular landmarks in a picture.

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i Jab can be a great solution for implementing a similar Facebook chat feature that people can use within their web browser while perusing your website.… continue reading »

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