Dating to save

16-Aug-2020 08:09

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Plus, it’s a great way to spark up someone’s zeal for life and re-energize a potentially dead conversation.

This question is a great question because it’s a fun, no-pressure way of asking what the other person’s passions and goals for the future are.

Furthermore, this dating conversation starter is a harmless way to find out how they spend their time and as well as what they’d be interested in doing for the next date.

A person’s habits can be extremely telling of their reactions and decision making process.

Use this opportunity to see what they find interesting and valuable professionally. Are they someone who likes to relax or likes to be learning and engaged? Where someone sees themselves is such a big indicator of identity.

By asking this, you’re indirectly asking what they vibe with and what atmosphere they feel comfortable in.

Will you be hitting the gym or screaming at the TV together in the future?This question is super fluffy and cute, so prepare to have your heart melt whenever you ask this.

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