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12-Jun-2020 00:21

It's quite a bit different from previous games, and take a few moments to get used to.You do need to use the brake when cornering, and careful use of the handbrake can also help.We sat and watched one of the best introductions to a GTA game, arguably the best in fact, as a couple of Rockstar people snapped pics of us.The introduction finished and began the first mission, "The Cousins Bellic" - we didn't all want to watch Psy though, so we each headed over to a TV and set ourselves up, I got a PS3 as other webmasters had already gone to the 360's which I originally intended on playing - nevertheless, this is where the real experience began!

We headed back to the hotel where we waited for the American (and one Canadian!We would soon be invited up to the penthouse suite on the top floor at around 8PM.Once inside we were greeted with more awesome views of the city, and more excitingly, 10 large televisions, 6 of them with a PS3 hooked up, and 4 with an Xbox 360.We were asked to all get around the sofa so we could be shown the introduction to GTA IV.

Psy found himself to be the lucky webmaster with the controller, and was given the go ahead to start the game up.Back on land, we went into downtown New York and got to see famous landmarks such as Wall Street and Ground Zero.